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Are you taking a BIG RISK by not being organized?

By being unprepared, you guarantee that someone you care about deeply is going to lose AT LEAST a year of their life taking care of the mess *you* left behind, including countless legal fees.

Think you don’t have any assets? Doesn’t matter. Someone has to make the decisions. Since you didn’t spell it out, your assets fall under the state’s rules, and that means delays, lost time, and expenses.

Mary’s presentation is a gift you should give to your children.
~ Elizabeth Languell

If you are old enough to have a driver’s license, you need to be organized.


Hi, I’m Mary Kelly, the “Organize-You” Expert.
I can show you how to easily organize your important assets and documents for yourself and for your loved ones, step-by-step.”

I designed a workbook called “In Case of Emergency, Break Glass!” along with its companion products to help my friends and family get organized in a manageable way. I have helped many families deal with loss, and know what needs to happen in an emergency.

Please explore this website and learn how you can Take the Lead for you and your loved ones.


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