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Prepare Your Family for the New Year

Special, heart felt gratitude and many thanks to my friend, Jean. Jean was in the In Case of Emergency, Break Glass! program about a year ago, which focuses on getting important paperwork organized and updated. We talked about wills, trusts, letters of instruction, health care directives, powers of attorney, individual care forms and specialized care […]

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Only 5 states allow online accounts as part of the estate.  Federal law applies to others, which can be problematic to friends and family.


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Freak acts of nature such as this week’s storm and other natural disasters could leave families scrambling to find important legal, medical and insurance documents that could cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars and cause untold amounts of stress from disasters.

Read my article on this and learn what you can do […]

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Emergency Preparedness Readiness in Times of Crisis

Recently, severe tornados struck areas of Texas and the Midwest, and fires are burning in several states.  There will always be events and natural disasters we cannot predict, so it is essential to have an effective emergency preparedness plan to improve circumstances should you and your family be affected.  Being prepared now can save time, money, resources, […]

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Do You Need a Trust or is a Will Enough?

You know you need a will, but do you also need a trust? Many people mistakenly believe that a will saves them the hassle of having a probate court involved. In fact, a will directs that a probate court become involved to take charge of the appointment of your personal representative and the distribution […]

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Take Control – Plan Ahead

I was privileged to conduct the In Case of Emergency, Break Glass! program at the East Library on Jan 21, 2012 sponsored by the members of Artemis and the Friends of the Pikes Peak Library. It was open to the public and 5 of my close friends came as well.

We started the day […]

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15 Ways to Grow Your Business in Every Economy. Are you stuck? Has your business slowed or is your energy level dropping or your enthusiasm for your job ebbing away? We’ve all gone through times in our businesses when we just feel stuck. Feeling stuck can come from a variety of reasons including […]

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What is a will?

What is a will? A will is a set of instructions directing when and how affairs should be managed in the event of a death.  It also directs who makes the decisions and to whom property is awarded.  A will can also be used to name a guardian for minor or disabled children.

Who needs a […]

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Take 60 Seconds to Make Sure You Have What You Need

Make grabbing important papers easy with this free checklist

As the hurricane looms on the east coast and people are evacuating, securing important papers is important. You should be able to grab important papers in less than 60 seconds. Birth certificates, passports, mortgage papers, marriage certificates, wills, trusts, insurance information, personal contacts, health care […]

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The death of Amy Winehouse is a reminder that being young and famous doesn’t exempt us from needing our legal paperwork in order. If you can vote, you need a will.

Less than 57% of American adults have a will. Of those who have a will, most claim that they either don’t have or […]

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