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One of my young friends said they really wanted a tattoo.

“Not an obnoxious one, just some tasteful art where not many people will see it,” she explained.

I asked, “On your back?” She said yes.

“So you won’t be able to see it yourself?” I persisted.

“That’s right.” She answered.

“So […]

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A will is the most common document used to specify how an estate should be handled after death. Anyone designated to receive property under a will (or trust) is called a beneficiary. A will can be simple or elaborate, depending upon the size of the estate and the wishes of the person who makes it […]

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Caring for Seniors

Most people don’t want to think about end-of-life care. It involves confusing programs, compounded by the mental and physical changes as we get older.

Families are often unprepared for the care involved with senior or incapacitated family members. Most underestimate the costs involved. Many people assume that the […]

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Does a Beneficiary Deed Have a Place in your Estate Plan?

In 2004, Colorado enacted a law that allowed an owner of real property to execute a beneficiary deed which would convey real property to a new owner at the death of the original title holder provided that the deed is recorded in the official records […]

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I had the pleasure of speaking to the GlenEagle Women’s Club today on organizing life documents. The 57 ladies were so welcoming, sweet, energetic, and funny. I presented the first 45 minutes of the In Case of Emergency program, and they laughed all the way through it. I had such a wonderful […]

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