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10 out of 10 people are not getting out of this world alive. Bummer.

Are you taking a big risk by not being legally organized? Would someone know who to call in case something happened to you? Speakers tend to be very self-reliant, and no one wants to think about a tragedy, but you make it much worse if you are not prepared now. You guarantee that someone you care about deeply is going to lose AT LEAST a year of their life taking care of the mess you left behind, including countless legal fees if your paperwork is not in order.

Don’t know what you need? Confused about the difference between a will and a trust? Not sure if you need a health care directive? Never heard of a letter of instruction? Wondering how you talk to your parents about these issues?

Some people think they don’t have enough assets to matter. (They are wrong.) Someone has to make decisions, settle your bills, and pay your taxes. If you don’t spell it out, your assets fall under the state’s rules, and that means delays, lost time, and significant expenses. Find out how to make this process simple and easy with the In Case of Emergency, Break Glass! program. Mary will take your group through the important steps to organize your important documents in this very interactive and FUN seminar.

Learn what important papers you actually need, what you don’t, and how to get it all organized in one place, just in case. Seminar includes extensive workbook for each participant so they can start working right away. Often cited as “The singularly most useful training ever attended.” Watch/read some testimonials from the past attendees here.

This is also a great seminar to hold when conducting a fundraiser!

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