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Mary’s “In Case of Emergency, Break Glass!” live seminars have been receiving raves from the participants. View/read some below.

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Thank YOU , Mary.  You are a Rock Star!  I’ve received nothing but positive comments on last night’s event, and only effusive praise for you!

Honestly,  everyone loved your presentation , was extremely impressed, and  completely enthusiastic about what they learned.   Now to get those forms filled out and into those binders!

What a tremendously important service you performed for everyone at that venue last night. I talked to nearly everyone as they were leaving, and people seemed really energized and eager to get their ‘affairs in order’.   This was a fabulous event for TLWC to be affiliated with.

Personally, I thank you for your excellent communication, good humor  and cooperation .  You made it extremely easy for me to ‘deal with the talent’.  And your generosity in doing this event for us goes without saying.

I hope to see you soon, and that I’ll  have the opportunity to attend some of your seminars on different topics in the future.

My warmest thanks and best wishes,


Mary, It was such a great event and people were sooo appreciative of the information!  Thank YOU so much for alll you have and continue to contribute to our club.



It was an absolute delight and privilege to work with you on this event for TLWC.

I have so enjoyed the opportunity to get to know you better. You are certainly an inspiration.

Appreciate all that you did to make our event a huge success.




Dear Mary Kelly,

Thank you for speaking at Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church today August 29.  I felt privileged to listen to the store of your knowledge, and your personal anecdotes and expertise in the area of late-life legal matters.  Your presentation was excellent.

Thanks again for impressing the audience with the importance of your subject.




Best class I have ever attended at PILLAR. Thank you so very much. I hope you will be doing another one at PILLAR again soon as I plan to let all of my friends know about the information that you provided us today.

The workbooks are a superb idea.

Sincerely, L

…the presentation was for me excellent and I shall never forget you and what you do.

For me it was a blessing and you answered many questions that I had and so now I am on my way to a better place where my documents can be found. Had a good place before but you added other information that I had often wondered about, thank you.

I remain

Mary Kelly is an accomplished teacher and a gifted communicator, who brings enormous enthusiasm, insight, and energy to her message. Mary’s education, experience and passion as a leader, teacher, writer and international presenter allows her to speak to both women and men in an abundantly meaningful manner.

Mary draws on her life experiences as a Human Resource Specialist in the U.S. Navy as well as a Commander at the US Naval Academy and a Professor at the US Air Force Academy to share with audiences those essential elements that comprise her vision of leadership, entrepreneurial success and success in life overall.

The lessons Mary provides in her “Leadership Lessons from the Dog” presentation and her most recent book “Master Your World ~ 10 Dog-Inspired Leadership Lessons to Improve Productivity, Profits and Communication” are personal, practical and poignant as she shares a fun perspective on typical problems that plague employers and those in positions of authority in their day to day lives. Her dog training anecdotes are impactual and allow the reader to bring home the simple but valuable lessons that will make a difference in the lives of those persons which they deal with on a daily basis in a positive, long-lasting and meaningful way. There are dozens of nuggets of wisdom which Mary instills with audiences based upon that familiar quote “My goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog thinks I am”. When Mary Kelly speaks, people enjoy listening and learning.

Cris Carter
Attorney, Financial Advisor, Speaker, Author at Cris Carter Law and CrisCarter M.V.P.

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