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Legal Documents Quiz

Take the Lead! Try this Legal Documents Quiz and find out how organized you are.

I have a will, AND my family knows where it is (we don’t need a reincarnation of Liberace’s funeral)

In case of an evacuation or emergency, I could grab all of my important papers in less than one minute (fashion emergencies and bad hair days do not apply to this rule)

I have designated a personal representative who knows my burial and memorial service wishes (open bar and a fun band, please!  I love a good party!)

If both my spouse and I were suddenly gone, there are instructions with friends and neighbors regarding the immediate care of my children.   (If no children, answer "yes".)

My pets are provided for in my will or trust (designated doggy and kitty caretakers must enjoy frequent vet visits, long walks in bad weather, and scheduling vacations around pet sitters(If no pets, answer "yes".)

I have updated my will and/or trust within the last three years  (because the baby is now 3!)

All of my insurance papers are in one area, and my personal representative knows where to find them

My wishes on organ donation are written down, and known to my family and friends (people always said that they loved the way my eyes twinkled; don’t want those going to waste!)

I have a Health Care Power of Attorney (drugs!  I want the ones I could never legally have before)

A list of all of my key advisors, to include my religious leader, my financial planner, my insurance agent, my doctor, and others are in a key location. (So get this…a priest and a rabbi walk into a bar hahaha!)

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